Sunday, July 11, 2010

Simply put

Hello again!
I thought that because I had a happy week end, I wanted to share it with you. :)

First off, on Saturday I had my usual guitar class and after that my mum came to pick me up and we went to a nearby department store to see an exhibition of world famous animations' watercolour storyboards, which' poster mum had seen earlier that day. Of course it was only Japanese anime scenes, for example TOM SAWYER. O_O''
I didn't know that until that point. Shocked the air out of my lungs. Oh, foolish me...

Later that evening the two of us went to search for a bicycle route to my school due to my bus pass expiring and that I only have a couple of weeks of school left, so to buy a new pass is just a waste of money and also it's a good chance to really enjoy my life in Akita City. To really get in to it. Also it's good exercise. In the end we were successful. :) From next week I'm officially a cyclist.
Just kidding. But going to school by bike in Japan really seems and feels student like. Makes me proud to be part of the gang. ;)
During the ride I also met some of my classmates and friends along the way and got to talk to them. It really felt like I really belong here. Really. I repeat myself too much.

And today (Sunday) I got to go to kendo for the first time during week end, which means morning lessons. It was really refreshing! Up until now, everybody had tournaments, exams, out of school lessons etc, that robbed me the chance to train during Sats and Suns.
I got really good advice from my kendo classmate about various techniques so I feel quite fulfilled currently. Getting better, getting better!
Having got back from school, my mum yet again had found out about an exhibition in an old Japanese style shop in the city centre. It was a duo exhibition of Kusanagi Osamu (paper cut prints 切り絵) and Kyoko (rice paper dolls 和紙人形). They are an artist couple (How awesome is that? Perfect!) who are really famous in Akita and perhaps outside too. They have designed many product packages and also quite a few souvenirs. The old shop, where the works were displayed, was an art piece itself. It had an air of magnificent history and the walls and floors seemed to have their own stories hidden in them.
Tour finished, we went to a coffee shop right next to the building and drank really delicious ice coffee there. We also got to taste a pound cake called King's Pound. It too was really tasty and heartily sweet.
After that we went home.

In the end, it's a simple story and simple happiness.
But isn't that the best one?

Lots of hearty greetings from the East!
I'll yet again sail to bed.

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