Monday, August 02, 2010

Hey ho an' a Pottle of rumm

Camp life = Park Life!

Yes people, I'm back from my adventures at the JRC camp! It was unfortunately really short but none the less really fun!
It was held at a youth centre quite near my home (about 15 minutes by car), but due to bad weather we couldn't do any outdoor activity which was a bit unfortunate, but didn't make the camp any less fun. There was plenty to do indoors too.
For example we learned how to do CPR, how to wrap bandages on different wounds and what to do during times of trouble etc. It was also called 'leadership camp', so there were workshops about cooperation and discussions about self independence and the like. We also did a bit of volunteer work by translating Japanese children books into Khmer and sent them off to Cambodia. I can't speak Khmer, and I never will, but the translating meant sticking Khmer sentences over the original lines and a label with your name on the last page. It was my first time doing that sort of work and I really think I'll start doing charity in the future (and not just stick stickers into books).
We were all divided into separate groups and I was actually put into the junior high school one, which meant a whole different environment for me, but everybody was really lively and childishly curious so I had a lot to talk about with them and really felt in the group. There were people from all around the prefecture so we got to mingle with many, many different people from different ages. I so missed events like that. Reminded me that awesome last year a bit. :)
Also I got the chance to meet two AFS exchange students there and hear about their feelings and thoughts about Japan. They were quite different from mine, but still we had a lot in common too and for that we stayed up quite late to talk and laugh. Quite loudly... I hope we were no bother for others... Honestly.
I also met a teacher who really resembled Miyazaki Hayao to me and I secretly took reference photos of him for my drawings. I have really sneaky schemes with those. Hahaha! :P
Overall it was a really fulfilling and eye opening experience, which helped me to understand even more clearly the reasons for me being where I am and also where I want to go. And all in really good company.

And speaking of where I want to go, Kanto is tomorrow! And that's not all - we might be going to Aomori too for the Nebuta festival, the big celebration with gigantic lantern monuments and definitely going to Oomagari in Akita for the might be biggest fireworks festival in Japan. And with my host sister that I haven't met yet!
I just learned these things today when I got back so I almost fell off my chair when I heard it all. I just might actually be the luckiest bugger alive. Oh, and there's Obon too...

But that would be the subject for my next post.

And lastly about my school - still on summer vacation, but before going to camp I said my goodbyes and 'good lucks' to my kendo mates who are currently in Okinawa (first day) already, getting prepared for the grand tournament. I'm really rooting for them because they have worked so hard for it all. They should win it. Definitely. That would be perfect. :)
But that means that I'm on a break from kendo too. It's somewhat a bitter sweet feeling but a good rest is always welcome.
There's also going to be a prefectural calligraphy contest in my school too on 10th but I don't know if I can go there because I'm going to see sumo then.
Yes. SUMO.
I'm going to see Baruto for goodness sake! I'm definitely going to yell something in Estonian. Just a 'hello' would be suffice. Ya~~hoo~~!

And in the end, I still don't get to rest. Damn me. Hehe!

I suddenly got an urge to draw sumfink... I wonder what it would be...
That calls for my urgent exit! Thanks for dropping by and reading my late night musings.
The little pirate sails again!

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  1. Girl, You rock! Ja nii ongi!
    Blur`s " Park Life"
    Tervita Barutot ka eesti keeles!:)
    PS! Mu kass püüdis täna oma esimese hiire. Esikus toimus tõeline roim! Elu...