Sunday, May 02, 2010

And off we go!

Hey boys and girls! (and family :))
My last post was a tad short, so I'll post another short one! Gag.
Anyway, I've gone to see cherry blossoms twice already, but just passing through kind of way. In Senshuu Park and in Kakunodate samurai village to be specific. The latter was today. Why did I go there twice? Well, I wanted to draw a picture, that's why. And I did it. But the thing isn't quite finished so you all need to wait a bit until I polish it and load it up. :)
Also, my real hanami (with picnic) will be in Yamagata, the neighbouring prefecture to Akita. I'm going to visit okaasan's parents there. I hope I understand the local dialect because my family assured me that they will definitely be speaking it. I'll be staying there for 3 days, so for the most part of the Golden Week. Yes, it's already started! There's no school either! BREAKTIEM! The grandparents house will be about a 4-hour ride from where I'm currently located. But we have a really long and interesting schedule made, e.g. we'll go to a Japanese sweets shop that otoosan thinks is the best, afterwards onsen, then an amusement park etc etc.
So for that time I won't be updating around here.
Everybody enjoy yourselves and thanks for dropping by!

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