Friday, May 28, 2010

The Floating World

It's been a while! Bonjour!

About school - can anyone say what is Japan's usual level of seriousness in studying? I've got a feeling that my host school is really high grade. We had a really huge meeting about the students future and universities, some speeches about international diplomacy and so on. It wasn't the first, nor will it be the last.
In Estonia it's just get-out-of-here-and-see-what-you're-capable-of-kind of attitude after high school. And speaking about Estonia, I might not be the first Estonian to land in Akita, but damn sure I'm the first high school exchange student here. PIONEERS FOREVER, BANZAI! Hahhaa!
Overall, school has been calm. Everybody's leading their usual chattery school life in which I've happily been included. :) Soon, after the tournament, I'll be able to enter my longed kendo club too. Finally! Also, I'll be going to a electric guitar class in the city centre. FINALLY! :D It's been a while since I've really been busy. I found out that I can't lead a life like that after all. :)

Have I mentioned that my school trip will be to South Korea?

Anyway, I will not go there. It's a bit sad, however I might have the chance to go somewhere I like in Japan during the time. I'm aiming for Kyoto, but nothing is sure at the moment. There are also some concerts that I'd like to attend... we shall see. :)

(I've also begun preparing my costume. There's a soon ending contest in the net with good prizes so I'd like to give it a shot. :) Tomorrow I'll start with the hat, which I can't wait!)

Sadly though, there's no feeling of summer nor late spring in Akita. Only rain (although I somewhat like that sort of weather too). But fortunately for me, I found some things that really cheered me up.
I found primulas, the usual spring flowers of Estonia in many people's gardens, also lily of the valley, another sign of spring. The flowers were seen some time ago, but today I stumbled upon my first Japanese wagtail [link]. It's a bit different from the pied wagtail [link] in my home country, but nonetheless dear to my heart. I just became unimaginably happy when I witnessed these small treasures around me. Definitely, all the small and all the grand things in the nature of Japan will never be forgotten by me. Everyday I happen to take a wrong turn in the streets but always I come upon something miraculous. Something beautiful. I just love everything in my home city. In my surroundings. Wherever I am. It isn't bound to any place.

As always, I never want to grow up. I'd be too tall to see the small wonders around me.

From Akita with love
st. spl

I also put up some photos that I forgot to upload in April. Sorry for that!
PS Massive Attack's Heligoland is a must! Be sure to listen!

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  1. I can imagine the wonderful feeling of being in Japan, walking around and discovering new places you've never seen before... T~T <3
    And I'm sure the spring will come :3 it's been rainy in Slovenia as well, but the warm spring days are waiting for you! : D