Thursday, December 02, 2010

A morsel of fluff

Long jump since my last post again, but who cares! There are hardly any people who read this crap anyway! :D So I'm just writing it for myself so that I wouldn't forget the details of my PERFECT year in Japan (you just wait... I'LL BI BAK TU SKUUL).

So it's been almost a month. I've done a lot. Most of the 'a lot' will be put up as photos in the Book of Face. But to say it short in words, I've had a weird long running struck of luck.
First, I got to see kyogen (an interval play between Noh performances = the oldest Japanese stage comedy) FOR FREE, which is unbelievable considering and also it was through my own school. They organised a culture lesson of sorts - we all went to the city hall where the kyogen/Noh introductory session took place. We got to see 2 performances and learn about many rules and mannerisms of the art. It really 'brightened' my day. After leaving the hall I also saw a double rainbow perhaps for the first time ever and ever so clearly.
Also school life is going smoothly like creamed.
In other words - dreamy.

That was quite some time ago.

As for recent events, I got to go for a short family trip to Iwate and Miyagi pref due to my host dad's friend meeting. Hail all you coppers! I got to enjoy such a feast because of you! By feast I mean table full of delicacies all for myself in a traditional ryokan. (Refer to the Book of Face for pictures.) And afterwards all hour onsen hot water baths. It was heaven to say the least. We stayed there for a night and in the morning we had yet another delight for our tummies, but fortunately not as big as the night before.
The meal finished we head to Miyagi's and also Tohoku district's capital - Sendai. My mum and sister had some businesses to attend to so me and dad had quite some spare time in our hands. So we wandered around the city. Because my dad is a policeman he has had to travel around Tohoku quite a lot so he has lived here and there separate from his family. And of course he had stayed in Sendai too, quite near the city centre. He also took me there and we talked about some nostalgic stuff and wandered back to the station area. And wandered. And wandered. Wandered for about 4 hours (it was anything but boring) until the female part of the family finished their doings. We were quite starving by then so we all went to eat some famous dishes of Sendai. Which meant beef tongue and cream custard in roll cake pasty. Separate of course. It was all (unbelievingly) delicious! Says a person who dislikes eating something that has been in the mouths of others. Maybe I just didn't think about that at the time. Heh.

Then we drove home for another 4 hours. In other words I went on a tour as big as my home country in 2 days. Lilliputians we are, yes.

And this will sadly be my last entry as a child, because tomorrow I'll turn 18 and fly out of my nest. In a way. And also go to a concert of a band I recently found. They're uber awesome so I'm quite giddy right now. It might also be because I'll be having my Japanese exam on Sunday, for which I'll be going to Iwate again. This time to its capital Morioka.

Stating these things really makes me feel the END of things. Sighing ensues.
But that doesn't mean I'm sad. Just (overly) thoughtful maybe.

Anyway, merry tidings to you who have accidentally find your way here and may the coming holidays be white and fluffy!
Mine will be vivid. For years to come. :)
Soon I'll be making New Year postcard's for all my friends here and there (nengasho in Japanese, a traditional thing) so look forward to it, if you care.

Sails hoy! Kachin!


  1. There aren't really any endings, only new beginnings! I don't know if that needed saying. Blah!
    I wish I were as old as 18. And stay that way for about 5 or so years. That would be great.
    Sorry your year is ending, but I'm sure you'll be back in no time. Wow, I feel like I'm writing to a stranger... I miss you. And a late-happy-birthday to boot to you.

  2. It's a me, aga liiga laisk et sisse logida. Nojah... kui kirjutada v66rkeeles tundub k6ik v66ras, aga ma loodan, et sa mind siiski v66rana ei v6ta. Ma olen kindlasti muutunud, ja sama kindlasti ka sina, nii et harjume siis taas teineteisega ja oleme (khm) s8brad edasi! :) Ja ait2h veelkord 6nne soovimast. N2gemiseni siis! (R6huga)