Friday, December 17, 2010

Some shortening...

Hiya my faithful readers!
I hope the winter chills aren't gnawing you too much.
Unfortunately, so is the case with me... or so I thought.
I've been locked up in my home for 3 days straight, tried to go to school on Thursday, but that didn't end up so well and now I'm yet again packed up in here, on Friday. Feverish. All I can say that it's mental in many ways. Been singing Sweeney Todd for all this time and reading Japanese magazines. 'What a life.'

...aaand the Christmas holidays will start from the 22nd! Yay hooray for special family trips! I also have many things in store because of my returning home soon, for example a final 'feast' with my kendo club and before that (before the holidays) some speeches in front of my school, my class, my teachers, farewells with my friends. Final guitar lesson.
As I said - mental. Can't imagine what my tear canals be like after all this is over.
But I don't want to think of it as of yet.
Currently have quite some stuff to do and finish. (sigh at finish) On with the postcards!

That was that! Just wanted to get more snug with you over there!
Sails hoy! (a lunatic in a snow storm)

PS We finally have some decent snow here! Hiphiphooray for White Christmas!


  1. elagu valged jõulud :p igatseme sind, aga samas on nii tore, et sul on tore

  2. Tere kallis ammumittekuuldaolnud Mareta! Elagu, elagu! Ait2h lahkete s6nade eest, aga mul oleks veelgi toredam teada, kas ka sul on tore? :)

  3. Oi, peaks ka nüüd harjutama asuma. Pole Lovetti osa üldse nii selge.. :D
    Aga loodan, et sul jätkuvalt tore, ka need viimased nädalad.
    Ja nägin, et lisasid stendi jaoks pilte. Super! Arvan, et see üllatab Ronka megapositiivselt. :)