Sunday, March 21, 2010

Short story

Hello and welcome back!
I'm finally here! In Akita!

It's quite cold currently, with -4 degrees Celsius and some hail, but all is well. In about a month the cold will go away and sakura will bloom and all will be PINK and in about 2 weeks I'm going to school.
I've already experienced some shock-like emotions, but the full blow is yet to come.
Can't wait! School is going to be awesome! Over a long time...
Also, I've had a little drive-about in the city centre, which by the way is far from countryside, as all the Japanese think Akita is, hell, it's even more of a city than my home country's capital!
Plus I've done some walking, which is a big deal for me right now, because of the constant flying, that has made my legs awfully weak and noodle-like. Can anybody say 'jigglypuff'? That might give you a hint what's going on here (more than my legs, mind you).

Overall, I'm steadily getting used to my new family (really nice people) and my new hometown and waiting anxiously what will happen next. Now I'm just sinking sweetly into the pleasant melodies of Japan.

Before the end of this current report, just one more thing - where I live, all looks like Spirited Away and also this actually is the place where the story came from.

Until next time, this is st.spl wishing you a good evening and good night!
And sweet dreams for the children.


  1. Hei! Tore kuulda, et sinuga kõik hästi! :)
    Meil siin soe ja puha, aga ülituuline. Pole sellist tuult veel näinud.
    Mm, mul ka pere tore ja kohanemine edukas.
    Eesti keel hakkab tegelt raskeks muutuma, üritan kogu aeg jaapani keeles rääkida, nii et jah.
    Sulle kindlasti juba tuhat korda öeldud, et su jaapani keel on üliosav, eks? :D
    Noh, loodan sulle parimat! Olgu sul ülihea aasta! Ja loen su blogi ka. ^^

  2. spirited away.. nüüd ma enam-vähem kujutan ette, kuhu sa sattunud oled . ilus. :}
    ma loodan, et sa kella kaasa võtsid. ülejärmisest nädalast saad seda vaadata ja haletseda meid, kes me käime igavas ja tavalises eesti koolis :Dära unusta mulle mõnda jaapanlast pakiga saata, eksju.
    ma olen nii õnnelik, et sa seal oled. jeeej
    aga ole ilus siis.

  3. Kaunist vahetusaastat! Loen su blogi ja ootan pilte:)