Friday, March 26, 2010

Small trinity

As it was a quiet and calm day, I won't talk about my sleeping and eating, but shortly about what was interesting today.
There were only news about Johnny Depp the whole day, including his day schedule and style tips and people squealing his name. The news people were overthinking it all! It really seemed like that. Plus, the footage was the same, the whole time.
I mean, Japanese TV is really awesome! It's amusing to the max!

Today, was a remarkable day.
Today, calls for a celebration.
Today, I did something great. A great deed during one's home stay.
Today, I dared to open the refrigerator by my own and find myself something to drink.
I... found milk!

Today (25.03.)
School visiting day. I met my school's headmaster along with YFU area reps and Kumon teachers. They are all so kind and nice people! And after the talking, which went unbelievably smoothly for me, I understood almost everything I was asked and all the necessary information, the school secretary/teacher took me, okaasan and the Kumons on a little tour around the school. It seemed like a city! It's so huge and really pretty. The gym is just fantastic! And I heard about the clubs too, that they have there - ikebana, calligraphy, tea, archery, kendo, judo, culture and many more. All the rooms were so tidy. Really Japan-like.
I was also asked what kind of class I wish to attend during my stay - scientific or humanitarian. Can you guess which I chose?
Also I heard that Akita-Kita (my school) was still a all-girl school 3 years ago. Then it changed into mixed school. Yosha!
And final good news for today - I think I'm getting on great with my Japanese currently. Every day feels just brighter and as the time goes by, the more I like Akita and the people here.
I'll leave something for days to come too, so this is it for now.

So everybody, have a nice day/night/morning or whatever you have over there.
st.spl (is) out.


  1. Uuu, 24.03.10 must have been a wild day, you rebel you!
    ...what's with the Depp obsession? Did he have a birthday or is it the hype about the movie?
    Oh, and I'm enjoying reading this, everything you have here. Still a trace of humor in it. :) Keep Everything up!

  2. damn it, I'm imagining how great your japanese is by now, and it makes me want to cry. I haven't improved at all this year T_T
    Anyway, I'm glad you're doing fine. Make sure you enjoy your stay to the max, okay?
    I'm playing with the idea of coming to see you this summer (I would obviously go see may ex-host family in Yamaguch too.. That's the other side of the country! nooo!) but, I guess I don't really have money or time. But it would be perfet, that way I could get two birds with one stoen, go to Japan, and see you!
    I need to work on my english asignment now.. bye bye!!
    love, Nina (the norwegian version!)

  3. @eva It was about Alice... no, Johnny Depp in Alice... damn, English is difficult.
    And of course I'll keep it humourous! That's the reason I'm doing it in the first place.

    @nina It would be great to see you, but don't bust your neck to see me, okay? ;) And duh I'm enjoying it to the max! But my jap isn't as good as you might think... school hasn't started yet, so the biggest lesson is yet to come. 3-9 for reading! It makes me really happy!