Saturday, March 27, 2010

Galloping through

A bit of information on my behalf:
currently I have about 5 days till school (starts on 5th April), I'll get my uniform a day before and at first I'm going to attend all classes, but after a while, I can choose, which ones will stay. So with clubs too - I can try what I wish and then choose one. I think that's really kind of the school staff to let me do so, don't you think?
But one thing is absolutely certain - I'm in the humanitarian team. But they're yet to have picked me a certain class form the bunch. I'll just wait and see.

Anyways, on to me diary!

Let's call it the Great Spring Cleaning Day. We spent the whole day cleaning the temporary lodgings of otoosan. Me, Ayumi and okaasan. We cleaned the tatami, the fusuma, the windows, anything you can possibly think of. Yet again, very Japanese.
During a break we ate meron-pan, some snacks and mochi and drank tea. We drink it a lot here. I hope my teeth won't be black in the end...
After the whole ordeal, which actually was really fun, we went to a gyoza place run by a Chinese married couple. They were so kind and lively! Both were really happy looking people and a lot more talkative than Japanese, which is really unbelievable. The wife asked me tons of questions the whole time we ate, and she was actually the first person in Japan this time around who thought I was 「かわいい」(kawaii). I felt really out of place at first, because I had forgot the feeling when someone says that. Shiver me timbers! (Last year, I heard the word about 200+ times a day, 7 days straight.)

Went to the Oomoriyama Zoo today and I saw the giraffe (キリン) with my own eyes for the first time in my life! It felt numbingly awesome! I had only eyes for them and one of them had only eyes for me. Just magical. Mogic! Also, I was given a year-long pass for the zoo by okaasan. It has a tiger on it! How cool is that?
Also today, I tried Japanese yoghurt for the very first time. It was delicious! You all should try it when you happen to be in Japan. おススメでしょう 。

*Just an ending note.
When school starts, my posting rate might run a bit low, but anyway, keep on checking back!


  1. Hello, Hello, Hello!
    So, I see that You are living a wonderful life and I am more than happy about that!I posted a comment yesterday, but then this fantastically organised website called Blogger just said: ERROR and everything disappeared.
    And it is very good to know that Stina has remained unchanged...talking about humour and writing and the colour of green.
    At the moment my TV is on and guess what I see: NEWS: In Japan, cherry trees are blossoming. The picture is fantastic!
    About 4 days go I came back from Hungary. It was the funniest and kinkiest trip I`ve ever had because of P and S`s jokes. They are gorgeous!. It was summer, by the way, there, in Hungary. Acclimatisation is really hard for me and now I am sick and at home,it is like an extra vacation, but not exactly. By the way, You won the dictee, but I think You already know it.
    Yeah, I also have a little gift for you which is meant to keep You away from "teasation" You can watch it and think about Your future

    You are always in my mind.
    Hugs and kisses,
    from the one who misses!


  2. Tere Leeni! Pole ammu kuulnud! PS minuga v6ib ikka emakeeles k6nelda, ma lihtsalt ei vasta selles. Kuna pole t.pit.hti perearvutis. -_-
    Thank you for popping by! Glad to hear you had fun in Hungryland! Get well soon! And about the "anti-teasation"...whaaat? O.o XDD That's hilarious! I hope for more *hehehee*
    Huggies to you too!

  3. Gaaah! It's all so... Japan(ese)! And the year long pass, does that really mean you can visit the zoo every and any day? Wow, that's almost hard to believe and correct me if I'm wrong.
    I'm starting to feel it too... something missing from school... can't put my finger on it/them yet though :P
    (I like to write in English, but I guess you already knew that, and I do so every time there is a convenient excuse to use it. Thanks.)
    P.S.: Närvid söövad mu ära! Ma olen nii hirmul nende katsete tulemuste ja VHK otsuse pärast, ei tea kas sul oli ka nii hull... arvatavasti mitte ('cause you tend to be perfect on a human kind of level). Näed? Inglise keel jälle... ei saa, ei taha ka, midagi parata.

    Ma viskan sulle ühe suure kalli ka~~!

  4. Eva. Kui sa mind veelkord perfektseks nimetad (isegi inimtasemel, mis sellegipoolest on tohutu) siis ma kindlalt hangin sulle riikisisenemiskeelu...JAAPANISSE! (nali, nali)
    Aga j6udu ja jaksu sulle! Hoian sulle po:ialt!
    Aita:h ka mind toetamast!