Monday, April 05, 2010

Just a little *edit* plus some more

*this is an edit*
Today was my first school day!!! I needed to do about 6 self introductions! For teachers, for my classmates (a couple of times), for all 2nd years etc. Everybody were so kind and lively and I had my 'kawaii' attack as suspected. But it wasn't so bad as in Fukui, so I survived without a scratch! :)
So! My school day started at 8:00, at first I was in a quarantine like room, separated, doing my Kumon, and then... all hell broke loose! Introduction here, hello-goodbye there, 'Please take good care of me' over there... my head was spinning out of control. Seriously!
And I wore my school uniform too! It really has a high schoolers feel to it... It was my first time!
I'm in 2-A class (=11A in my homeland... what a coincidence...), which is of course humanitarian as I've said earlier, and including myself, there's 40 students all together. Really huge... I hope I don't hurt anyone's feelings if I can't remember their name...

Anyway, photos will arrive soon. Today I was so excited that I forgot to take any... -_-''
じゃ、お楽しみですね。(Ja, otanoshimi desu ne. - So please look forward to it. (how rough))

Well, what can I say.
I'm in Japan, I have 1 day left until school starts, I met a 3rd year student (read: 12th grader) from my school yesterday, said hello, walked to the baseball pitch and saw that my school also has tennis courts (!!!the hell!?) and a huge bicycle parking lot. The place is really huge, the whole complex.
Also went walking again in the city centre, took a bus to school for practice and overall, adjusting with my new life here.
I think I'll start posting some photos here, but mostly check my FB (link is on the right, under the prayer).
Write to you later! Bai-bai for now!

PS I just realised... this was my first April Fool's (since I started speaking) I didn't make a prank... awkward.


  1. No Heipa jälle sinna kaugele maale!
    Näoraamatu fotod on ju puhas kuld.Kõik see neoonroosa ja sinine ja värviline. Überallez, das is cool!:)
    Muide, tegime Tõnisega UNHOLY FLYING PICTURES Film No 2:D Kui tahtmist on, võid vaadata, mu blogist...igatahes, company elab:D
    Nii, ja mis kõige tähtsam, ilusaid munadepühiSulle ja Sinu kõikidele peredele!:)

  2. AHJAAA! Munap8had on juuu! Sullegi samad s6nad!
    Meil siin pole sellest h6ngugi, nii et pole ime, et lipsas minust mo:o:da...
    Aga! Ma n2gin pajuutusid t2na!!! Keva don minu jaoks ametlikult k2es! Pole mul neid kirsi6isi vaja! :P kuigi v6iks ikka n2ha ka...
    Ja tore kuulda, et me Monty h6nguline monstrum elab ja liigub!
    Eks ma vaata j2rgi, kui mul v6imalus tekib!