Saturday, April 17, 2010

Carrots' tempura!

Exactly a month is past since the day I left my home country and came to Japan.
Also it's the end of my second week in school, which has been, yet again, totally awesome! I've quite well adjusted to my lifestyle here, but there are some complications of course. For example, the epic Japanese toilets. I mean, what the hell? I can use them, sure, but seriously, why do they still have those? I need to figure it out somehow... :D Even toilets are fun-tastic it seems.
But in school I've made some friends and I'm going to decide my club activity later this weekend. I saw kyuudou (Japanese archery) yesterday and boy it was awesome! It's really Nippon bunka (Japanese culture)! Also, I'm still waiting for the cherries. It's yet oh-so-cold. We had a bit snow this morning too, okaasan said. How on earth are we going to survive? D:
But there's a rumour going around that the cherries will come next week end. I hope it's true. They already started preparations for the festival in Senshuu Park - put up some shop stands, ribbons and so on. And then came the snow. Might have been quite a shock for them all.

So, onwards we go! Today I made tempura for the first time! Okaasan taught me how and both of us had a blast doing it! I learned that she hadn't heard of potato tempura and got really excited to try it. The whole family liked it! And because I was in charge of frying the vegetables and shrimp I felt really great. Okaasan also praised me a bit. :) Said I'm a natural... Harry Potter xD
Well because yesterday we were going shopping and I put on my round glasses and because it's still cold, I also put on a long black jacket... get the picture? I received quite a few long looks there... It has become a family joke I guess. >:D They got a wizard for an exchange student. Muhahahaa!

All in all, I'm loving it! Japan really has been the land of my dreams for a really long time, but now it has become a land of reality, for which I'm really thankful for all the people who helped me make it happen. THANK YOU ALL! I can't really express my gratitude enough through this media, but I'm really, really grateful!
I mean Japanese even serve food for their cats with chopsticks. How cool is that?! I'm completely flipped! Totally Orient.
Also I have been a fan of Japanese rock for a couple of years and here I'm getting more and more fanatic about it. They have tons of music magazines, instrument guide books, CD stores and many many more gorgeous places! Plus the 'book-offs'... Heaven! Looks like modern day Hogwarts library. xD That's the last Potter for this entry, I swear.

Last but not least, I also put up some new photos, just so you know.
And this is the end of the current weather report.



  1. uaaah, making tempura sure sounds like it's fun :) i'm gonna kidnap you for cooking one of these days ^^

    but why did you never tell me that you were harry potter? then you could've just shrunken me and put me into your suitcase D:

    joke aside, you really still got snow? i'm currently running around with nothing more than a summer dress -> around 20 degrees :3

    i'm totally looking forward to your tales of the festival :D

    lots and lots of love! <3

  2. (btw, not 'Anonymus'... it's Eva =__=)
    Haaa... I couldn't help but think... do you have and when you do, when do you have the Japanese culture festival? (Nippon bunkatsu... desho?)

    ^^ just oli siin ka ilus ja nii... piilun klassiaknast välja - lörts =.=...

    See kyuudou... tahaks väga proovida küll..(^0_0^)

  3. @both THE SNOW HAS GONE. It's ben an awful long since my last post.
    Anyway, hanami will be next week. The trees are blooming a bit currently but not much.
    and. kas sa m6tled seda kooli kultuurifestarit?

  4. Jah, seda kooli kultuurifestarit, just :P
    Nagu animedes :D