Sunday, April 11, 2010

Summary summery

My first school week is now behind me and I'm waiting for the next one!
Throughout the first half of the week, I only had self introductions in front of students and teachers and so on, BUT...
the climax was on Wednesday... in front of the whole school body! I did rather well considering my nervous circumstances. :D YAY! I think my 'love of chasing cats' went into many people's hearts.
I have received a wery wery warm welcome from everybody and that makes me really happy. It's so amazing of a feeling to meet so many new people and be able to talk to them and that they understand what you're saying. That gives me the greatest rush currently. It might be so for a long time.
Also I have went to many activity clubs in my school for a 'seeing tour'. Up till now, I have went to arts' club, go, calligraphy and school band's club. This system is really awesome I think. This should be executed everywhere around the world!! Hear me, hear me!
Next, my weekend. Saturday was a bit of a family excursion sort of day. We went to the zoo once more and the giraffes were out that day! I think they actually remembered me because when I went closer they turned their heads towards me, lowered them slightly and came really close! I really think we had some sort of connection... yeah, nice!
Afterwards we visited one of the biggest shrines in the district and I took some photos there so check them out!
And last but not least - onsen. Ahhh, it's so good. The place we went to is popular for it's great smell of wood. And it really is great. There was a bit of a kink there. it seems that it's a must to drink some milk after the bathing. There's a huge milk machine with your everyday milk, fruit milk and milk coffee. Weird, but really enjoyable.
The last day of the week is a time for total relaxation or so it seems. Might go for a walk later.
Currently it's noon and it's sunny so everything is possible.
Until next time amigos and amigas!
Lots of love!

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